What are some of the benefits of a juice cleanse?

The main goal of a detox cleanse is to help gently eliminate toxins from your body.

We use pH 10.0 alkaline water in our cleanses to reduce the sugar content contributed by the fruit, and to increase the alkalinity of the juice.

What does a juice cleanse do?

Juice cleanses help reset your digestive system, and are a simple way to provide your body with nutrients.

How do I cleanse?

Order one of our detox cleanses, and you will receive 6 (or 18) 16 oz bottles of vegetable and fruit juices, infused with pH 10.0 alkaline water and delicious, cashew-vanilla bean nut milk. Throughout the day, you will consume 1 drink approximately every 2 hours, in the specified order (1 to 6). We also suggest you drink plenty of alkaline water throughout the day to further flush your system.

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